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Julia Dooley, born in 1890 in Florence, WisconsinContributed by Bonnie Hartmann, California
Both of these are of my great-aunt Julia Dooley. She was born in 1890 in Florence, Wisconsin, where her father was a town councilman. She later married John Karnold of Detroit, Michigan. She was the first born of four children and obviously pampered!

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Nathan, Yetta (age 17), and Sarah Malkin Peckerov. Contributed by Elaine Liddell
Here is a picture of my great-grandfather, my grandmother, and my great-grandmother– Nathan, Yetta (age 17), and Sarah Malkin Peckerov.

4 thoughts on “Photo Corner

  1. what wonderful treasures both of these photos are to have in one’s possession…………….they are priceless and thanks so much for sharing with the rest of us…….

  2. Elaine, Where were your great grandmother and great grandfather born and is that where this photo was taken.
    I agree with Sande, both photos are wonderful treasures.
    Judy Rosen

  3. Both pictures are awesome and I thank you for sharing.
    It is especially wonderful to see the clothes they are wearing and it helps to put many of the unmarked photos of my early family into a time frame.
    Alice Davis

  4. These two photographs are just beautiful, and so lovely to be able to see them, they are treasures, and thank you for sharing.

    Sharon (New Zealand)

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