Photo Corner, 07 April 2008

Essie Mae McCloud and her first husband, Lee Erwin Houston, during late 40sContributed by Raydonna S. Eastland Adams, McCloud Family Historian
My aunt Essie Mae McCloud and her first husband, Lee Erwin Houston, during late 40s. Essie is now 81 and doing well.

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Children of Charles Amos and Mary Isabelle (Hopper) Wells: Nora Mae, Grace, Gertrude and Harry, Greenville, Indiana.Contributed by Nancy L. (Engleman) Garcia of Superior, Montana
I’ve always considered this a favorite photo of my mother and her siblings born to Charles Amos and Mary Isabelle (Hopper) Wells.  Girl standing is Nora Mae, Grace (seated center) and seated in front, Gertrude.  The young lad is Harry, their only brother.  They were born and reared in Greenville, Indiana. Gertrude was my mother. 

Photo Corner, 31 March 2008

Commodore Perry OwensContributed by Conni R.
This is my great-great-grandmother’s brother, Commodore Perry Owens. He went out West and was a lawman. 

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Heier Contributed by Kendra (Robinson) Hoffman, Beatrice, Nebraska
This is my husband’s great-great-grandparents, Heier “Henry” and Emma (Shoegfka) Hoffmann, with their daughter Thekla Lena, taken in Germany about 1871, shortly before they immigrated to the U.S. The story handed down about Henry is that he had been the head blacksmith to King Wilhelm (later Kaiser Wilhelm I) in Berlin, and was responsible for inspecting every nut and bolt of his carriages. Henry and Emma settled in Dodge County, Nebraska, where he homesteaded. They also lived in Box Butte Co., Nebraska, for many years, where Henry was a blacksmith. Emma was the mother of thirteen children, and died at age 39 in Box Butte County.

Photo Corner, 24 March 2008

Robert Byron Kennedy, and Helen Buckley Kennedy, January 1917 in Denver, ColoradoContributed by Eileen Lemons
The photograph is of my father, Robert Byron Kennedy, and his mother, Helen Buckley Kennedy.  The picture was taken in January 1917 in Denver, Colorado.

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Susannah Catherine Davison (nee Reeves), b.  20 Sept. 1860 in Auglaize County, Ohio, and granddaughter, Leone Alma Bubeck nee Davison. b. 11 Aug. 1902 in Lima, OhioContributed by Pamela Wells (nee Roberson),
Trinity, Florida via Dayton, Ohio
This is a photo of my great-great-grandmother, Susannah Catherine Davison (nee Reeves), b.  20 Sept. 1860 in Auglaize County, Ohio, and my grandmother, Leone Alma Bubeck nee Davison. b. 11 Aug. 1902 in Lima, Ohio.

Photo Corner

Abraham G. Graham, aka Shotgun CollinsContributed by C.J. Harrelson Buckley and Dorris Wilkerson Grayson
My grandmother’s first cousin Abraham G. Graham was born on Mitchell Swamp, Horry County, South Carolina on his grandmother, Jane Conner Graham’s plantation. When he was eight years old he move in covered wagons with his parents, Hosea Aldeton and Martha Ann Graham (first cousins), five siblings and a slave family.

In his teen years shortly after the Civil War he got into trouble for rustling, jailed, escaped with the help of a friend and high-tailed it into Old Mexico. He became an outlaw and used aliases on the run like John Graham, John Collins, and Shotgun Collins. He met Wyatt Earp while riding shotgun messenger for Wells Fargo & Co. and they became life-long pals. He was a buffalo hunter, a loyal member of Billy the Kid’s gang, a member of the Dodge City Peace Commissioners, an Indian Scout for the U.S. Army Calvary during the Apache Chief Geronimo days, and a rancher in New Mexico.

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Meisinger familyContributed by Mrs. John E. (Della M. Jaeger) Meisinger,  Mahnomen, Minnesota
In this photograph, the mother is Frances Stout Meisinger (born 24 Jul 1856, died 12 Apr 1915). The older girl is Georgia Meisinger Haggerty (born 05 Oct 1883, died 1960). The boy, my father-in law , is Charles E. Meisinger, born 16 oct 1887 in Ridgway, Pennsylvania, and died 01 Jun 1961. The baby is Marguerite F. Meisinger Rowlands. She was born in 1890. The picture was taken in St. Marys, Pennsylvania, ca. 1890.

Photo Corner: Mabie and Halliday/Holliday

Marion Elizabeth Mabie with,her grandmother, Ella Sherman Mabie, October 1911, Chugwater, Laramie Co., WyomingContributed by Beverly Fuller Rosenquist
The attached photograph is of my mother Marion Elizabeth Mabie with her grandmother, Ella Sherman Mabie. The photo was taken in October of 1911 at her grandparents’ farm in Chugwater, Laramie Co., Wyoming. My grandparents and great-grandparents both homesteaded there in 1909.

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Halliday/Holliday familyContributed by Shane Dean Halliday, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Taken in 1910, my great-grandmother, Lucinda (Stubbs) Holliday, grand-aunt, Mary Ann (Halliday) Howell, grand-uncle, Orville John Halliday, grand-uncle, Basil Roy Halliday, and grand-aunt, Margaret Elizabeth (Halliday) Anderson. It was between these two generations that the spelling of my surname was changed from “Holliday” to “Halliday.”

Photo Corner

Bruce and Eva Cochran ca 1884Contributed by Stephanie Sprague
The attached photo is of my great-grandfather’s siblings, Bruce and Eva Cochran. It was taken about 1884. Bruce and Eva died in 1888, just four years later. They are buried in a “boot hill” cemetery in the ghost town of Calico, in southern California. After they died, it is said that their mother had had enough of the desert and moved into town–San Bernardino.
I found this photo after visiting the museum at Calico and talking with the organizer. The town is now operated by San Bernardino County. She had a bad copy of the photograph in her files. We then tracked down the original in a museum in Barstow, California. It was so nice to finally have faces and real people to go with the headstones we had been visiting for many years.

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Kimmel and Lewis families, DuQuoin, Illinois and Santa Ana California, ca. 1922Contributed by Roger Lewis, Napa, California
This is my family circa 1922 vacationing in Newport Beach, California. Front row is my great-grandmother, Susan Waddle Lewis, my uncle, Roy D. Lewis, and my father, Charles K. Lewis. Back row is my grandfather, George E. Lewis, my great-grandfather, Daniel L. Kimmel, my great-step-grandmother, Edith Preston Kimmel, and my grandmother, Launa Kimmel Lewis. Daniel and Edith Kimmel were visiting from DuQuoin, Illinois, and the others lived in the vicinity of Santa Ana, California.

A Little Help From Our Friends: Can you help us date this photograph?

Walker ladies, Washington County, TennesseeI received this photograph with the request from Janelle for help pinning down the time frame in which it was taken. Can you help? Post your thoughts in the comments section below. Click on the image to enlarge it.

This picture was found in some of my Walker cousin files.  I have looked at several pictures of ladies and reviewed which families had five daughters. They all have familiar faces but what exactly is the time frame? I need all the help I can to figure out which Walker family they are. Washington County, Tennessee is where they lived. This is only one of several photographs I have to solve.

Thanks for any tips,
Janelle Morrow Walker Warden


Photo Corner

Lloyd Lowe, and his sister, Thelma Lowe, taken about 1918Contributed by Donna Bellamy
This is a picture of my father, Lloyd Lowe, and his sister, Thelma Lowe, taken about 1918.

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Thelma Sims Parker, Jasper A. Contributed by Frances Parker Russell
In this picture back row from left to right: my mother, Thelma Sims Parker, my uncle Jasper A. “Jake” Sims, my little uncle that I never knew, Charles “Jack” Sims, my aunts, Kathleen Sims Kuntz (the baby in the chair) and Grace Sims Riales. The picture was taken in 1914. While the family was hard-working and not at all wealthy, they managed to have several pictures made by a professional photographer.

Photo Corner

Katharine Magdalene Penschow, New York City, about 1899.Contributed by Louise M. Hawley
The photo attached is my mother, Katharine Magdalene Penschow, with a not-too-happy expression on her face, standing on the steps of the family’s brownstone apartment building, New York City, about 1899.

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Aunt Ruby Knapp (born 1918) and Uncle Harry Homer Knapp (born 1926). Contributed by Don Lancaster
This is a photograph of my Aunt Ruby (born 1918) and Uncle Harry Homer (born 1926). Harry was my grandfather, Homer Harry Knapp’s only son. He died at the age of eight.

With a Little Help From Our Friends: Identifying a Cap and Stole

Henry SmithEvery so often I get a question from a reader that, while I don’t have an answer, feel that another reader or readers may be able to help with. While we have sections for identifying people or places in photographs, not all of the questions I get fall into those categories. So I’m setting up a new section where I will post questions from readers where you can help.

For the first installment, I have a photograph from a dear friend of our family, Sandra Luebking. She sent me this photograph of Henry Smith from her own collection. (Click on an image to enlarge it.) The reverse of the photograph says,

J.M.White, Photographer
Cor. Military and Water Sts,
Port Huron, Michigan

Henry Smith - stole We think his stole and cap may be representative of a fraternal order, but are not familiar with it. I’ve enlarged the lower portion of the stole that appears to carry an insignia. If you can help with this mystery, please add your comments below.

If you have a question you think we can help with, send it to me at