Ancestry Weekly Roundup: October 13th Edition

Posted by Anne Gillespie Mitchell on October 13, 2014 in Site

Blog Posts Migration to America in the 1700s  by Anne Gillespie Mitchell Beyond Records: Adding Colour to Your Tree by Brian Gallagher What We Are Reading: October 10th Edition by Jessica Murray Free Genealogist’s Toolkit to Power Your Family History Research  by Juliana Szucs Smith Branch Out Comes to the UK. Enter to Win… Read more

CNN Roots with Michaela Pereira: Hold on to a Brother

Posted by on October 13, 2014 in Celebrity, Research

“You have your mother’s eyes,” or “Like father like son,” are phrases we commonly compliment or tease family with, yet we take for granted that we know those details—not everyone does. In February of this year in an interview with Essence magazine, Michaela Pereira said, “Like many adopted kids I wondered about my birth parents.… Read more

What We Are Reading: October 10th Edition

Posted by Jessica Murray on October 10, 2014 in In The Community, Research

Becoming an expert in geography goes hand in hand with studying family history, especially if you had ancestors that never seemed to stay in one place. Learning where county lines were drawn and what the agricultural makeup was like in the regions our ancestors lived helps give color to their stories and understand why they… Read more

Free Genealogist’s Toolkit to Power Your Family History Research

Posted by Juliana Szucs on October 10, 2014 in Site, Family History Month

At Ancestry, we know that researching and telling your family story is a craft. And every craftsperson needs a good set of tools. We’re committed to bringing you the best educational resources and research tools possible. Whether it’s a blank census form, research guides, how-to videos, or a community where you can ask questions and share your successes, we’ve… Read more

Creative Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About Family History Month – Part One

Posted by Jessica Murray on October 9, 2014 in Site

In honor of Family History Month, we’re launching a four-part series for the month with ideas for sharing your passion for family history research with the little ones and young adults in your family. Each week, we will bring you a handful of different activities, with an emphasis on getting crafty and creative. We hope you’ll treasure the… Read more