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Tim Sullivan Talks About the World Archives Project with DearMYRTLE

Posted by on September 15, 2008 in World Archives Project CEO Tim Sullivan explains the new World Archives Project. In this podcast, Tim discusses how the project works and the many benefits available to individuals and societies that choose to get involved. Listen to the podcast on DearMYRTLE’s website here. (The segment with Tim begins 37 minutes into the podcast.) Announces the World Archives Project

Posted by on September 4, 2008 in Company News, World Archives Project today launched the World Archives Project, a global public indexing initiative designed to give individuals everywhere the opportunity to help preserve historical records. The Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) is the first organization to partner with during this beta phase of this new venture, enlisting genealogists and family history enthusiasts to help test… Read more World Archives Project in Private Beta

Posted by on July 23, 2008 in World Archives Project

We have recently released a beta version of our new public indexing initiative that we are VERY excited about! So far we have several people indexing in the new tool and giving us great feedback. We believe the project is a win-win to contributors as well as to Ancestry, and will give genealogists around the… Read more

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