Ancestry World Archives Project: Keying During the Holidays

Posted by Crista Cowan on December 22, 2009 in World Archives Project

Over 22,000 of you have signed up to participate in the Ancestry World Archives Project since we launched it earlier this year. You joined the 10,000+ that registered during our beta period last year. Collectively, you have keyed over 30 million records and manually arbitrated an astounding 5 million record discrepancies in our double-keying and… Read more

Ancestry World Archives Project Releases Nebraska State Census, 1860-1885

Posted by Crista Cowan on December 10, 2009 in World Archives Project

The following post is from guest blogger Suzanne Russo Adams.  Suzanne is the Society Partnership Manager. About a year ago, I made a phone call to Floyd Smith III, President of the Nebraska State Genealogical Society and asked if this society would be interested in partnering with the Ancestry World Archives Project to index… Read more

A Mac or Not a Mac? Ancestry World Archives Project

Posted by Randy Winch on September 30, 2009 in World Archives Project

That is the question that often arises when we announce new projects or a new tool update for the Ancestry World Archives keying tool. I acknowledge the frustration our Mac users in our community experiences when Ancestry produces products that are not Macintosh compatible.  While we do not have anything new to announce for our… Read more

Economy Got You Down? Try Keying Some Naturalization Records…

Posted by Ancestry Team on September 23, 2009 in World Archives Project

The other day I took a break from obsessing about the stock market, health care reform and climate change to key some naturalization records for the World Archives Project. I happened to get a batch of index cards for German immigrants who came to New York in the late 1800s. As I typed in… Read more

Ancestry World Archives Project releases their fourth project

Posted by afechter on August 5, 2009 in World Archives Project

Monday we launched the fourth project keyed through the Ancestry World Archives Project.  The England and Wales Criminal Registers project was a favorite amongst contributors, mainly due to the incredibly fascinating information that we were keying – although we didn’t key the offenses I am positive we all read them.  And really, in what other collection… Read more

Happy Anniversary: Ancestry World Archives Project marks its one year anniversary

Posted by Randy Winch on June 29, 2009 in World Archives Project

Happy 1st Anniversary World Archives Project! We began the beta portion of the project in June of 2008, since then we have had a wonderful response from many of you including a number of partnerships with genealogical societies.  Your passion for this work is evident through the phenomenal activity we see daily, you’re an amazing… Read more

U.S. Content Update: Alabama State Census & Returns from U.S. Military Posts

Posted by Ancestry Team on May 12, 2009 in Content, World Archives Project

Alabama State Census, 1820-1866 The Alabama State Census was released a few days ago, becoming the second completed World Archives Project collection to be made available to the public.  As with all completed World Archives Projects, the index is viewable free of charge!  Thank you to the many contributors who keyed in the names, races… Read more

First World Archives Project Record Collection Complete

Posted by Ancestry Team on December 5, 2008 in World Archives Project is excited to announce the completion of the first record collection indexed through the World Archives Project, its new community indexing program. Community contributors participating in the project indexed the nearly 60,000 records within the Wisconsin Mortality Schedules, 1850 – 1880. The Wisconsin Mortality Schedules collection was completed in the three months following the… Read more

We Would Love Your Feedback on a New Tool

Posted by Ancestry Team on November 4, 2008 in World Archives Project

Recently, we released the World Archives Project – our new community keying tool that gives you the opportunity to help create free indexes at your leisure. We would love to hear what our members and the community thinks of the idea and of the new tool. We’re interested in feedback from people who have used the tool, as… Read more

Join Us in a Webinar on the World Archives Project, Our New Community Indexing Program

Posted by Ancestry Team on October 8, 2008 in World Archives Project

On Thursday, Oct. 23rd, at 8 pm EDT, will be sponsoring a webinar on its new World Archives Project. Learn more about’s new community indexing program that gives people around the world the opportunity to save historical records important to them. Register for the webinar here.