How Corsets Evolved in 1800s-1900s Women’s Fashion

Posted by Betty Shubert on May 21, 2015 in Site

We are fast approaching the summer season, which means shorts, ,and sandals. But you may not know that no matter the season, some of our female ancestors had to wear tightly laced corsets, numerous petticoats, hoops, and later bustles, all before modern air conditioning. Can you imagine? I’m reminded of the scene in Gone With the… Read more

Where’s William? Finding New Clues in Old Evidence

Posted by Ancestry Team on May 20, 2015 in Site

By Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Loretto Dennis Szucs, Genealogist I have been researching my husband’s family and have hit a roadblock. His great-great-great grandfather, William Weikert, came to America from Germany and settled in a community about 30 miles from us. I know he was born September 1817. I have a copy of his… Read more

ABC’s of Commonly Used Nicknames (Q-Z)

Posted by Jessica Murray on May 19, 2015 in Site

Over the last few months, we ran a series of blog posts that highlighted nicknames or alternate first names your ancestors may have used. We’ve all seen at least one ancestor referred to by a nickname in a public record. Before you throw in the towel on that ancestor who has been eluding you, consider that… Read more

Newly digitised collection details the haunted drinking-holes of West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom

Posted by Brian Gallagher on May 14, 2015 in Collections, Content, Research, United Kingdom

The West Yorkshire Alehouse Licences Collection have been digitised for the first time and are exclusive to Ancestry   More than 75,000 historic alehouse records included in this newly digitised collection  Haunted boozers include The Fleece Inn in Elland – home to a headless horseman named Old Leathery Coit Other weird and wonderful pub names… Read more

Preserving the Past: Old Family Photo Albums

Posted by Denise May Levenick on May 14, 2015 in Site

Guest Post by Denise May Levenick, The Family Curator Before the digital photo book there was the Real Photo Album. You’re holding an “antique” if you inherited an old photo album with soft black paper and a hand-tied string binding. The prints might have been artfully arranged and placed on the page with paper photo… Read more

ABC’s of Commonly Used Nicknames (L-P)

Posted by Jessica Murray on May 12, 2015 in Site

Ever been head down in family history research only to discover a new name in historical documents that makes you scratch your head? It happens to all of us. Before you start down another long research path to find this *new* ancestor, consider that many of our ancestors were known by nicknames which were common… Read more

Family HerStory: Guide for Finding the Stories of Women in Your Family Tree

Posted by Juliana Szucs on May 8, 2015 in Site

What did your Civil War ancestor’s wife do doing the Civil War? Or his mother? Or his sister? Did she run a farm? Did she follow him as vivandière? Was she left a widow? Did she file a homestead claim? The mothers and other women in our family history research all have stories to tell,… Read more

Seeing Pre- and Post-WWI Britain via Ordnance Survey Maps

Posted by Juliana Szucs on May 6, 2015 in Site, Collections

One of the best things about family history is that it is constantly taking you to new places and times. Even if your ancestors stayed put for generations, the places where they lived changed and evolved through the years. Knowing your ancestor’s surroundings can be critical to your research in terms of locating new records. Where… Read more

Latest News from MyCanvas by Alexander’s

Posted by Ancestry Team on May 4, 2015 in Site, MyCanvas

MyCanvas, formerly a branch of Ancestry, is alive and well under the ownership of Alexander’s. MyCanvas allows users to easily create family history books, genealogy charts, photo collages, and more. Once the book has been designed and ordered, Alexander’s will professionally print, bind, and ship your customized creation to your door. Check out this video to see the… Read more

Celebrate Moms and See How They Can Help With Our Research

Posted by Anna Swayne on May 1, 2015 in Site

DNA Tip: More is better when it comes to autosomal DNA testing. See how one of our customers put this to the test and what happened when he had his mother and grandmother tested. If you are familiar with genetic inheritance, you know that you inherited 50 percent of your DNA from each of your… Read more