Past Articles

Family Tree Maker: Unrelated Individuals

Posted on August 9, 2010 in Family Tree Maker

I recently found a death index entry for an infant that bore the unique surname of my great-grandfather. I didn’t want to add the infant to a specific family because I wasn’t certain that they were related. But I also didn’t want to lose the information in case I discovered a relationship with the baby… Read more

Family Tree Maker: Duplicate Place Names

Posted on July 26, 2010 in Family Tree Maker

Occasionally you may find that you’ve duplicated the names of locations in your tree. This might be because you ignore a place warning for a location or you’ve named one location differently. In Family Tree Maker 2009 and 2010, you can merge two locations together. That way you won’t lose the facts associated with either… Read more

Family Tree Maker: The Compact File Tool

Posted on July 12, 2010 in Family Tree Maker

Compact File. You may have noticed this option on the Tools menu. But what it is? As you work in your trees you will add and delete quite a bit of data. However, even when data has been removed from a tree, the file may still remain at a larger size. You can use the… Read more

Family Tree Maker: How Do I Do That? (Part 2: Media)

Posted on June 28, 2010 in Family Tree Maker

Have you forgotten how to assign a portrait to an individual? Or have you attached a photo to the wrong person and can’t remember how to unlink them? In part 2 of “How Do I Do That?” I’ll give some quick tips to help with your media items.

Family Tree Maker: How Do I Do That?

Posted on June 14, 2010 in Family Tree Maker

Sometimes it’s the easiest tasks that stump us—or is that just me? Whether it’s renaming one of my trees or checking for software updates, I have the tendency to forget how to do some simple procedures unless I do them on a regular basis. Here are some of my “how do I do that?” tasks.… Read more

Family Tree Maker: Exploring the Index

Posted on June 1, 2010 in Family Tree Maker

It’s easy to get in the habit of opening Family Tree Maker, entering data, and closing the program without really thinking. But if you take a few minutes to change your preferences or tweak settings that are compatible with how you work, you might be surprised at how much more efficiently your data entry goes.… Read more

Family Tree Maker: Unmarried or Childless Relatives

Posted on May 17, 2010 in Family Tree Maker

If you determine that an individual in your family tree never married or never had children, you’ll want to record these facts in your tree. This helpful information can save other family researchers (or you!) from spending time on fruitless searches.

Family Tree Maker: Custom Facts

Posted on May 3, 2010 in Family Tree Maker

Family Tree Maker has a variety of default facts you use when entering information about your family. However, some of the details you gather don’t always fit into these defined categories. You could enter this information into a personal note for the individual. But before you do, consider making a custom fact. When you add… Read more

Family Tree Maker for the Mac!

Posted on April 28, 2010 in Company News, Family Tree Maker

It’s finally happening! As an avid Mac user, I’ve always hoped that Family Tree Maker would release a version of the software for the Mac. And it looks like this is my year. Today announced that a Mac version is planned for release later this year. It will be built on the functionality of Family… Read more

Family Tree Maker at NGS in Salt Lake City, Utah

Posted on April 26, 2010 in Family Tree Maker

This year’s National Genealogical Society Family History Conference is being held in Salt Lake City, Utah, at the Salt Palace Convention Center. If you’re planning on attending the conference or live nearby, you’ll want to visit the exhibit hall—it’s free and open to the public. At the booth you’ll find experts who can answer your Family… Read more