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Family Tree Maker: The New Version 2010

Posted on August 19, 2009 in Family Tree Maker

Today we’re announcing the release of Family Tree Maker 2010. This version has many improvements and new features specifically aimed at helping you create and share a fuller and richer family story. The following new and improved features expand Family Tree Maker’s capabilities: Improved integration with – Easily download your family tree, including… Read more

Family Tree Maker: Better Hints

Posted on July 22, 2009 in Family Tree Maker

As many of you know, Family Tree Maker includes an option to search in the background and display hints about probable record matches that are found. If enabled, these matches, called hints, appear as a green leaf next to the names of people in the pedigree and detail views. As of Thursday July 16… Read more

Family Tree Maker: Come visit us at the Southern California Jamboree

Posted on June 22, 2009 in Family Tree Maker

The Southern California Genealogy Jamboree is coming up this week in Burbank, California, June 26-28th. Come visit us at the booth any time during the Jamboree. You can also attend any of these Family Tree Maker demos: Friday, June 26th, 12:30pm  – Family Tree Maker demo at the booth Saturday, June 27th, 12:30pm… Read more

Family Tree Maker: Webinars and NGS

Posted on May 11, 2009 in Family Tree Maker

We all have slightly different learning styles. Some of us learn best with books. Others like to learn by doing. And still others like to be shown or learn best from hearing instruction. With Family Tree Maker, we try to provide a variety of methods to help you learn how to successfully do your family… Read more

Family Tree Maker 2009: Minor Update

Posted on May 5, 2009 in Family Tree Maker

Today we are making available a minor update to Family Tree Maker. The update resolves a few key issues in Family Tree Maker 2009. To receive the update, Start Family Tree Maker 2009.* An update notice will appear with options to “Update” or “Remind Me Later.” If you click “Update” another screen will appear. Make… Read more

Free Webinar for Family Tree Maker – What are your questions?

Posted on March 2, 2009 in Family Tree Maker

Our next Family Tree Maker webinar is scheduled for March 12 at 8pm EST! We’ll discuss the new features in the Free Upgrade to Version 2009. In addition, we’re going to try something new. All of the Family Tree Maker developers will be there to help answer your questions online. They’ll type responses to the questions… Read more

Family Tree Maker: Crystal, Wood and a Purple Shawl

Posted on February 23, 2009 in Family Tree Maker

I’ve always loved wood and crystal. My grandmother loved crystal, and my grandfather worked  with wood. I didn’t know either of their passions until I told my mother about my two favorite things: crystal and wood. As a working woman in the Internet space, I was intrigued to learn of another connection. My grandmother ran… Read more

Family Tree Maker 2009 – More about the Free Update

Posted on February 2, 2009 in Family Tree Maker

The Family Tree Maker Free 2009 Update is within a few days of release! When it’s available for download, we’ll provide specific feature information here. I’ve asked Tana L. Pedersen, author of The Official Guide to Family Tree Maker 2009, to be a guest blogger on this site. She’ll provide you with characteristically clear instructions… Read more

Where is she? (and the latest news)

Posted on January 27, 2009 in Family Tree Maker

It’s been too long! I’m sorry about the length of time since my last post. It’s been a particularly busy time, but that’s no excuse. My goal is to do a weekly post from now on, so you should hear from me on most Mondays.   I’ve really enjoyed hearing about the reasons why you do… Read more

Why is family history work so engaging?

Posted on December 15, 2008 in Family Tree Maker

I knew it from the first time I watched it in action — this was something important.  During my college days a friend from high school let me watch as she researched an ancestor. Although my parents had genealogy books at home that were filled with notes, pictures and trees, this was the first time… Read more