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Unmasking The Lone Ranger’s Leading Men: Real Life Heroes in Hammer and Depp’s Family Trees

Posted on June 26, 2013 in Family Trees, Stories

Before there was the Lone Ranger and Tonto, there was… Elizabeth Key and Chief Kanagatucko? New research from reveals both Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp – the leading actors of Walt Disney Pictures’ “The Lone Ranger” – are direct descendants of two real American freedom fighters. Armie Hammer Is Descended from Cherokee Chief Kanagatucko and… Read more

AncestryDNA: Search Surnames and Locations

Posted on June 24, 2013 in AncestryDNA

Are you ready for some new tools to help process your hundreds (or thousands) of AncestryDNA matches? DNA is turning out to be a fantastic and fascinating new tool for family history research. As the AncestryDNA database continues to grow, so does the number of potential matches you receive. To help turn more of those… Read more

Using Like a Detective – in your own research and on CSI!

Posted on December 12, 2012 in Site solves mysteries! At least that’s what it did on tonight’s episode of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” as detectives dove into a family tree to see which clues the subject of one investigation had already uncovered about members of her family. Curious how you can search detective style? You can learn the tricks to… Read more

Putting the Pieces Together: Last Night’s Who Do You Think You Are?

Posted on May 19, 2012 in Who Do You Think You Are?

Known for her Southern cooking and hospitality, celebrity chef Paula Deen searched for more information about her Southern roots on the season finale of Who Do You Think You Are? Better still, Deen picked up a new skill along the way – she found out just what you have to do to turn records and… Read more

Tonight Paula Deen Stirs up History on Who Do You Think You Are?

Posted on May 18, 2012 in Who Do You Think You Are?

Paula Deen’s great-great-great-grandfather lived through slavery, the Civil War, and Reconstruction just as much as Jefferson Davis and Ulysses S. Grant did. While most of our ancestors aren’t mentioned in history books, this fact is one more reason for us to look back and stake our personal claim to events that shaped the world. Learn… Read more

The Ripple Effect on Who Do You Think You Are?

Posted on May 12, 2012 in Who Do You Think You Are?

When Jason Sudeikis set off to uncover the fate of his grandfather, whose story was a mystery to him, he probably didn’t expect to find three generations of fatherless sons, but that’s exactly what he discovered on Who Do You Think You Are? Included was an immigrant ancestor, Sudeikis’s great-great-great-grandfather, whose story unfolded with the… Read more

This Friday on Who Do You Think You Are?

Posted on May 10, 2012 in Who Do You Think You Are?

A greater appreciation of the past can help us forge a stronger connection with the present. And never has that been more true than in Jason Sudeikis’s story. When he searches for more information about his grandfather, Sudeikis learns how great an effect fate had on his family. And that his own father was the… Read more

A profound discovery in a well-hidden past on last night’s Who Do You Think You Are?

Posted on May 5, 2012 in Who Do You Think You Are?

Rashida Jones remembers her grandmother fondly, but until she began her journey into her family history, she didn’t know a lot about her grandmother’s past. A little crafty research changed all of that – including the origins of a surname, Benson. Her grandmother’s arrival record through the Port of New York revealed that an uncle… Read more

A life-saving decision on tonight’s Who Do You Think You Are?

Posted on May 4, 2012 in Who Do You Think You Are?

Rashida Jones sums it up best herself in tonight’s episode of Who Do You Think You Are? when she says that tracing her maternal line back six generations left her feeling “like a miracle.” For Jones, the discovery she makes is about a great-great-grandfather’s choice to leave Latvia — a single decision that saved an… Read more

Using a Death Record to Learn about Their Lives

Posted on March 10, 2012 in Who Do You Think You Are?

Professional football great, Jerome Bettis went on an emotional journey on Who Do You Think You Are? to learn more about his great-grandfather who abandoned the family. But death certificates, newspaper accounts and other records helped put Bettis on the right path, where he learned that he comes from a line of family members who… Read more

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