Breaking Down the Science Behind Your Ethnicity Results

Posted by Anna Swayne on May 5, 2015 in AncestryDNA

Are you Scandinavian? Native American? Or maybe you have some Middle Eastern in you. If you’ve gotten your AncestryDNA results you know your unique ethnicity estimate. But have you ever wondered how we determine those results — and why your results can look so different from another family member’s? In this 6-minute video one of… Read more

Celebrities Face the Reality of Victorian Life. 24 Hours in The Past Continues Tonight at 9pm on BBC One.

Posted by Brian Gallagher on May 5, 2015 in 24 Hours In The Past, Celebrity, In The Community, United Kingdom

24 Hours in The Past continues tonight as six celebrities travel back in time to experience the hard graft of Victorian Britain, spending four days in four different 19th-century workplaces. Their second 24 hours finds them facing some tough tasks in a rural coaching inn. With no break since leaving the toil and grime of… Read more

Latest News from MyCanvas by Alexander’s

Posted by Ancestry Team on May 4, 2015 in Site, MyCanvas

MyCanvas, formerly a branch of Ancestry, is alive and well under the ownership of Alexander’s. MyCanvas allows users to easily create family history books, genealogy charts, photo collages, and more. Once the book has been designed and ordered, Alexander’s will professionally print, bind, and ship your customized creation to your door. Check out this video to see the… Read more

Facebook Chat Recap: Q&A with AncestryDNA Team

Posted by Jessica Murray on May 3, 2015 in In The Community

We hope you were able to join us last week for the Facebook chat we had on AncestryDNA. It was an action packed hour as our product team answered your questions and offered advice for those who have taken, or are considering taking, the AncestryDNA test. The participating AncestryDNA team members included Product Manager, Anna Swayne;… Read more

5 Tips to Control Family Photo Chaos

Posted by Denise May Levenick on April 28, 2015 in Site

From the new book How to Archive Family Photos by Denise May Levenick, The Family Curator How many photos are stuck on your smartphone? The tremendous growth of digital photography is a mixed blessing for family memories. Instead of one roll of film that might last through an entire vacation, with today’s digital photos there’s… Read more

Celebrities face the reality of Victorian life. 24 Hours in The Past Starts tonight at 9pm on BBC One.

Posted by Brian Gallagher on April 28, 2015 in 24 Hours In The Past, Celebrity, Stories, United Kingdom

It is probably fair to say that as family historians we appreciate more than most the hardships that our ancestors endured to survive. We follow the paper trail, we read the documents and we try to imagine what life was like for our Victorian ancestors. I dare say some of us have even shed a… Read more

Who Do You Think You Are? Recap with Melissa Etheridge: Putting Time and Location in Their Place

Posted by Ancestry Team on April 26, 2015 in Site, Who Do You Think You Are?

In family history research, when and where your ancestors lived say just as much about them as their name. Understanding not just the geography but also the community your ancestors were a part of provides crucial insight into what their lives were like, as well as the types of records you should be looking for.… Read more