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As summer winds down, many of us find many things still on our “to do” list. I wanted to redo my flowerbeds and do some landscaping in my backyard. Maybe this fall… But one thing that I’m happy to keep on my “to do” list is “Read more genealogy.” It has a permanent place on the list because no matter how much I read, there’s always more to explore – and I’m fine with that!

Here’s what we’ve been reading this week:

Abraham Lincoln’s ‘Blind Memorandum,’” by Michelle Krowl, on Library of Congress Blog. It’s easy to look back on history and see some things as inevitable. We might see Lincoln’s re-election in 1864 as inevitable, but he didn’t. Read Lincoln’s own views on what he would do if he lost.

John Joseph McBride: A Victim of Proofreading,” by Sally Knudsen, on SallySearches. Sally shows why you should look for as many records as possible. A simple typo in an obituary could have derailed her research.

Samuel Stillman Glover Ex-communicated and the Reason Shocked Me,” by Brenda (Glover) Leyndyke, on Journey to the Past. Brenda shows how digging deeper into church records gave her an up-close insight into the life of her ancestor.

A Society on the Grow,” by Jenny Lancot, on the Federation of Genealogical Society Voice. You might have heard that some genealogical societies are struggling. Learn how one society is re-invigorating itself.

World War I Letter From a Soldier to His Sweetheart,” by Colleen G. Brown Pasquale, on Leaves & Branches. Colleen’s grandmother carefully kept a love letter from a soldier who was fighting in WWI. It’s a beautiful letter — and wasn’t written by Colleen’s grandfather…


About Amy Johnson Crow

Amy Johnson Crow is a Certified Genealogist and an active lecturer and author. Her roots run deep in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic states. She earned her Masters degree in Library and Information Science at Kent State University. Amy loves to help people discover the joys of learning about their ancestors and she thinks that there are few things better than a day in a cemetery. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Amy Johnson Crow.


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