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We are kicking off the new year with an event filled January, full of educational webinars and opportunities to hear members of our team share their expertise and insights.


January 7th at 10am PST: Family History Goals for 2014 led by Crista Cowan. It’s the perfect time to set some family history goals. Share your 2014 Family History goals in the comments below. Then, join us to review some of Crista’s goals and some of yours for inspiration.

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January 9th at 10am PST: Understanding More About the Records You Are Using led by Crista Cowan. What’s the difference between a marriage record, a marriage certificate and a marriage license? We’ll show you how to decipher what type of record you are using so you know exactly what that record tells you about your family history.

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January 14th at 10am PST: New York Family History Research led by Crista Cowan. has a lot of records available for researching your New York ancestors. Join us to learn how best to search the New York databases to find the family members you are looking for.

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January 16th at 10am PST: Overcoming Preconceived Notions for Family History Success led by Crista Cowan. Your whole life you’ve been told you have Native American ancestry. Grandma said her grandparents came from Sweden and grandma wouldn’t lie. You saw a record once, somewhere, that listed your grandfather as a native of France. We all have preconceived notions when we start researching our family history. But, sometimes those “facts” get in the way of the truth and create enormous brick walls in our research. We’ll share some tips for overcoming preconceived notions so you can have family history success.

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January 21st at 10am PST: Top Tips for Beginning Latin American Research led by Crista Cowan. Do you have Latin American ancestry? We’ll discuss some of the top tips and record collections that will help you trace your ancestors from Central and South America.

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January 23rd at 10am PST: What Do I Enter Into My Family Tree? Resolving Conflicting Evidence led by Crista Cowan. If you’ve been doing family history for any length of time you’ve come across conflicting evidence. Family names spelled different ways in different records. Ages and birthplaces varying wildly from census to census. That inevitably leads to the question – what do I enter in my family tree? Join us to look at recording and resolving conflicting evidence.

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January 28th at 10am PST: Understanding Baptismal Records led by Crista Cowan. Many of our ancestors lived in times and places where birth records were not created. However, baptismal or christening records often lend clues to birth information. Join Crista Cowan for a look at these valuable records and how to use them to further your family history research.

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January 30th at 10am PST: Soundex, Wildcards and Other Search Options led by Crista Cowan. Many of our ancestors had surnames that could be spelled a variety of ways. Add to that illiteracy, sloppy record keeping and poor handwriting and you may wonder if you will ever find them in the records you are searching. In this webinar, we’ll discuss how soundex works and explain how to use wildcards on

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  • January 18th: Amy Johnson Crow will be speaking at the Journey Through Hallowed Ground event in Manassas, Virginia.
  • January 21st – 22nd: Amy Johnson Crow, Anne Gillespie Mitchell, Gordon Atkinson, and others will be speaking at a private event for K-12 teachers at the University of North Carolina.
  • January 24th-26th: Connect with Amy Johnson Crow at the American Library Association Midwinter Conference in Philadelphia.
  • January 27th: Catherine Ball will be speaking on “Taking it to the Streets: Genomics for Everyone” at the PMWC Silicon Valley event.

Coming up: Rootstech on February 6th- 8th! will have a booth in the main hall, and several team members will be presenting on topics such as:

  •  The Scoop on led by Peter Drinkwater – Thursday, 10:30am in Ballroom E
  • Online Trees: The Root of All Evil? with Anne Gillespie Mitchell – Thursday, 2:30pm in Ballroom A
  • Common Surnames: Finding Your Smiths  with Juliana Szucs Smith – Thursday, 2:30pm in Ballroom C
  • Let the Records Tell the Story led by Crista Cowan – Friday, 10:30am in Ballroom G
  • Getting the Most Out of led by Crista Cowan – Friday, 2:30pm in Hall E
  • Learning How to Tune Your Search with Anne Gillespie Mitchell – Friday, 2:30pm in Ballroom A
  • Personalizing WordPress led Amy Johnson Crow  – Saturday, 10:30am in Ballroom D
  • Putting Your Ancestors in Historical Perspective: Extracting Stories from Military Records on and Fold3 with Saturday, 10:30am in Ballroom C
  • Getting the Most Out of led by Amy Johnson Crow  – Saturday, 2:30pm in Ballroom B

We to hope see you online, or off, at one or more of these events!


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  1. Taunja

    My goal this year is to go back through my genealogy program looking for errors, omissions, just a general clean up and ….make corrections. This could take more than a year!

  2. Lavernerose211

    I would appreciate a seminar on black ancestry. I been on this site for 2 yrs and been stuck for a year. I can not find family members before 1860. I’m sure most of my ancestors were slaves and their name were not recorded. I thought using this site (DNA )instead of another more precise site would benefit me finding family….the cousins are unresponsive because they’re not African American like myself. The African American cousins are unresponsive because it’s a mystery. African American were moved around so much, leaving their ready made families behind. Finding records for those individual’s would be hard to trace…I should know because I can not find any connection with those …I did match(DNA).
    I really like this site but I’m hoping more comes out to help African Americans.

  3. Lisa Eschenburg

    Would really like to attend these webinars live again but can’t because I don’t have FaceBook (and don’t want it). And that appears to be the only way to RSVP/sign-up so that one can attend live.

    There is no RSVP/sign up on the LiveStream page above the video. In fact the page is not showing any upcoming webinars under that tab at the bottom of the page.

    Ancestry you are forgetting that not everyone in the world is on FaceBook and not everyone wants to be there. You are cutting yourself off from a huge part of your customer base.

  4. doseas

    What happened to the “New York Family History Research” webinar that was supposed to happen on the 14th?

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