Getting Started With Italian Genealogy

The process of finding your Italian roots can be one of the most rewarding endeavors of your life.  You will learn something about yourself each time you connect with your native birthright. You will see how each Italian-American embodies a piece of the Italian past that is particularly their own. That is why the journey… Read more

The Newly Evolved AncestryDNA – More Detail Means More Discoveries

Posted by Stephen Baloglu on October 17, 2013 in AncestryDNA

We are pleased to announce a major breakthrough for AncestryDNA™ that provides a deeper level of discovery in your DNA. Utilizing cutting edge science and the massive catalog of DNA samples AncestryDNA has collected from around the world, the newly evolved AncestryDNA is now a more comprehensive DNA test. More detail - 26 regions and populations.… Read more

The Genealogist’s Toolkit: Ethnic Research

Once you have built your family tree a bit and have gotten into the “greats”, past your grandparents and farther back into other centuries, research methodologies and best practices start to evolve depending on your specific ethnicity. Research for each ethnicity is different and requires its own tailored approach for maximum success. Research Guides The… Read more

Starting African American Family History Research

There’s a common misconception that African Americans can’t trace their ancestry due to the obstacles posed by slavery.  Fortunately for African Americans today, that’s not really the case. Yes – African American research poses a unique set of challenges, but these obstacles can be overcome in many cases. Our expert team here at has… Read more

Top Tips for Beginning Jewish Family History Research

In 1925 more than 3.5% of Americans identified as Jewish. Today it is less than 2%. Do you know all eight of your great-grandparents? Is it possible that one of them was Jewish? Jews have been in America since colonial times. Throughout the 1800s German Jews immigrated to the United States and spread throughout the… Read more

Our Ancestors Who Crossed The Pond

Posted by Crista Cowan on October 14, 2013 in Site, Family History Month

America is often referred to as a land of immigrants. More than 95 percent of Americans descend from people who did not live on this continent in the 18th century.  That means that sooner or later most of us will be looking for our ancestors who “crossed the pond.” However, before you try to search… Read more

What You Might Have Missed: October 14th Edition

Posted by Anne Gillespie Mitchell on October 14, 2013 in Site, Reference Desk

October is still Family History Month!   Make sure you don’t miss a thing — including these posts and videos from last week! Blog Posts Finding The One: The Search For Vital Records Meet The ProGenealogists Creating Ancestral Histories and Life Stories Major Milestones in Family History Ancestry Anne’s Top Ten Ways to Use… Read more

Finding The One: The Search For Vital Records

If you could find a birth, death and marriage record for everyone in your tree, you might be the world’s luckiest genealogist! Unfortunately most of us aren’t that lucky. Finding vital records can be a tad difficult at times but don’t throw in the towel quite yet. Below you will find some pointers for dealing… Read more

Meet The ProGenealogists

Posted by Pam Velazquez on October 11, 2013 in Expert Connect, Family History Month, Research

When you think of genealogists, do you think of The Jimmy Kimmel Show? As recognized experts in the field of genealogy, the professionals at ProGenealogists have authored books and articles, spoken at conferences in several countries, and made several TV appearances on Who Do You Think You Are?, CBS This Morning, CNN’s Starting Point and,… Read more

Creating Ancestral Histories and Life Stories

Posted by Earl Armstrong on October 10, 2013 in Family History Month

IF NOT YOU, THEN WHO? Billions of people have existed on this planet whose names, stories and existence were never recorded for posterity. They simply had no means to do it. Even what we know about extinct cultures consists of a few shreds of evidence by which we can only guess at what the details… Read more

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