Chris O’Donnell Searches For His Father’s Lineage – Finds History of Courage, Patriotism and Devotion

Posted by Kristie Wells on August 21, 2013 in Site, Who Do You Think You Are?

  Actor Chris O’Donnell sees Who Do You Think You Are? as a chance to both honor and learn about his beloved late father, William O’Donnell, “the quintessential family man,” and his side of the family. He turns to his niece Tory, an amateur genealogist, to get started. Chris’ grandmother Sarah Regina McCabe’s baptism certificate Read More

Hear Experts from, Fold3, and more at the Federation of Genealogical Societies

Posted by Kristie Wells on August 21, 2013 in Events, Speaking

Genealogists from around the world are converging on Fort Wayne (Indiana) for the Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference 2013 taking place on Wednesday, August 21st, through Saturday, August 24th – and that includes several members from the, Archives, Fold3 and AncestryDNA teams. In addition to meeting our team in our booth located in the main exhibit Read More

New Records: Idaho Comings and Goings, Eight Holocaust Indexes

Posted by Paul Rawlins on August 20, 2013 in Site

  Research in the Gem State gets a boost with: Idaho, Birth Index, 1861-1912, Stillbirth Index, 1905-1962 Idaho, Divorce Index, 1947-1962 Idaho, Death Index, 1890-1962 (updated) Idaho, Marriage Index, 1842-1996 (updated)   There has also been a steady stream of new indexes of details extracted from Holocaust records we have been uploading this summer in partnership with Read More

Using Big Data To Drive Story Telling – Our SxSW Session Needs Your VOTE

Posted by Kristie Wells on August 19, 2013 in Events, Speaking, Stories

When we think about Big Data we often envision charts, graphs and spreadsheets, but what if we could use that same data to produce detailed stories about interesting subjects or people? Increased pressure to find meaning in mounds of data—in real-time and at scale—has given rise to technology that analyzes and turns individual data points Read More

Four Steps to Finding Your Civil War Ancestors

Posted by Anne Gillespie Mitchell on August 16, 2013 in Reference Desk

Have you ever wondered who your Civil War ancestors were?  We have guidelines to help you find them. Identify who you are looking for Gather the likely suspects. Pick someone to start researching and find his brothers and cousins. Which side did they probably fight for? Start searching for records. Gather the likely suspects When Read More

How Do I Know if a Vital Record Exists?

Posted by Anne Gillespie Mitchell on August 15, 2013 in Reference Desk

Wouldn’t it be nice if all of our ancestors had birth, marriage and death records? And shouldn’t those records clearly and accurately state places and dates and relationships that will quickly grow our tree? Yes. In a perfect world.  And genealogy is not a perfect world. I know from census records that Wyatt Paul Gillespie Read More

The Blue and the Gray

Posted by Kristie Wells on August 15, 2013 in Site

Two Civil War veterans shaking hands at the 50th anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg (1913).   What kind of rivalries have you found in your family history?       Photo Credit: Library of Congress  

Zooey Deschanel Finds Something to Believe In

Posted by Kristie Wells on August 14, 2013 in Who Do You Think You Are?

  Zooey Deschanel connects with a woman who defied convention to stand up against slavery — and is inspired to encourage the next generation of strong women. “This journey makes me want to be a better person and you can’t put a price on being inspired.”   Self-proclaimed “gung-ho” feminist Zooey Deschanel had always heard Read More