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The International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies conference (IAJGS) is being held in Boston on August 4th – 9th, and our own Crista Cowan will be leading three sessions during this event:

If you cannot attend in person, the IAJGS is offering a livestream of approximately 50 sessions, and all three of Crista’s presentations will be available. Please note there is a charge to participate (1 day $49, 2 days $98; 5 days $139), but the live stream allows you to view the sessions in real time via an Internet connection, and sessions will also be available for playback for three months after the conference. If you are watching from home (either via the live stream or Twitteruse hashtag #IAJGS2013 to join in the conversation and meet other participants. (Quick guide for using the hashtag can be found here.)

For those of you who are attending the conference, please say hello to Crista and then make sure you ask her a lot of your genealogy questions! She loves that.

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Thanks ReBecca!

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This is real cool

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