The Great, Great, Great Grand Adventure: Christmas in Houston

Posted by Rob Brown on January 7, 2013 in Ancestry Great Adventure

We can’t believe it’s over. We have been thinking and talking about how we were going to handle Christmas on the road since we first decided to go on this trip. We wondered where we would put the Christmas tree, how Santa Claus would find us, how the kids would handle Christmas morning in a motorhome, and if it would be hard to be away from family and friends.

Celebrating Christmas on the road in Texas was very different for our family in a lot of ways. Back home we were used to icy cold weather and really big snow-covered mountains. Like most everyone, we anticipate being very busy doing things like going to family parties, baking goodies, sharing holiday treats with friends and neighbors, and hustling to get all of the Christmas shopping done in time for Christmas morning.

This year we didn’t have any of those things. This year we traded the snow, icy cold temperatures and big mountains for mild temperatures in the mid 50’s and a relatively flat Texas landscape. This year we didn’t give or receive any holiday treats to or from friends or neighbors, and instead of family parties we made a lot of “wish you were here” phone calls. This year there was no hustle or bustle for Christmas because we were focused on our travel itinerary.

However, this year Christmas was still a blast! We were treated like royalty by our good friends the Allen’s who had us over for Christmas Eve Dinner and afterward we sang carols and shared holiday memories. The kids were as excited and filled with anticipation as they have ever been, and Christmas morning was magical. They were elated to discover that Santa had found them, even in Texas, and it wouldn’t have mattered where they were, they opened their presents and shared the joy of Christmas morning with each other just like we did back home. And now that it’s all over we look back and realize that even though it wasn’t what we are used to, it was just what we had hoped for…

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1 local movers in ChicagoJanuary 10, 2013 at 9:25 pm

I would LOVE an app for Android! If you need a tester, particularly one who’s new to Android and to apps (to test usability), but familiar with the Ancestry site, let me know. . . I’ll look out for updates ;-)

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