Half-sisters Discover Each Other After 80 Years Apart on The Jeff Probst Show

Posted by Nick Cifuentes on December 5, 2012 in Site

Following adoption, half-sisters Betty Lou and Delores were separated for eight decades, until summer 2012, when they were able to find each other once again using The reunion didn’t just end with these two – “The Jeff Probst Show” got word of their dramatic story and decided to provide the sisters with a few… Read more

The Great, Great, Great Grand Adventure: Nauvoo Blacksmith Shop – George Brown

We had a great experience in Nauvoo, Illinois. Not only did we make some amazing family history discoveries on Kathy’s side of the family, but we were able to experience so many different trades relevant to the life of a frontier pioneer in the mid 1800’s. One in particular was of most interest to us… Read more

The Great, Great, Great Grand Adventure: Tennessee State Library & Archives

Posted by Rob Brown on December 3, 2012 in Ancestry Great Adventure

We went to the Tennessee State Library and Archives to see what we could discover about Kathy’s ancestors who lived here.’s research team had already provided us with a deliverable for Henry and Reuben Jolley, but we wanted to see if we could find any more about them. Even though we were pressed for time… Read more

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