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I had the same problem with some birth records so I thought i would add them as media but not link them to anything. Alas they uploade to atm and i had to quickly delete them.

By: Ann Hill Thu, 27 Oct 2011 20:44:10 +0000 I am using FTM 2009 (Windows) and am considering upgrading to FTM 2012. My question is – Can I install the ‘upgrade’ version of FTM 2012 or do I have to install a ‘full’ version.
I do not want to assume that the 2012 upgrade is backward compatible when I haven’t installed the in-between versions.
Ann H

By: Mark Thu, 27 Oct 2011 19:15:48 +0000 I have recently loaded upgraded to FM2012 and find the sync to be excellent.

However it appears that many people have media included in their FTM that they do not want to make public even for deceased ancestors and therefore many more trees will be made private.

If this happens it will reduce the value of an ancestory subscription.

It must be possible to make the default on a media item to be public but give the contributor the option to make selected media private. Can this be done in an upgrade ASAP.

By: Wayne Vaughn Thu, 27 Oct 2011 16:24:25 +0000 Like most of you I have a very large tree with 28,000+ people, 3,800+ photos and 22,000+ records. When I first downloaded and linked and sync’ed my main tree things went so so. It just took forever to get it downloaded. I soon found out that some of the media (photo’s) were only half image files. The image was saved to the (dir) on my laptop but the bottom part of the image was missing when viewed in the program. Then the program seemed to work for a while (other then some half image files) and then 5 days later I got “The last sync failed Analyzing online changes error please try later”. Now the program never wants to sync the two trees and keeps giving me the same error over and over.
Just by chance yesterday I tried it again and the same error came up but on the main FTM screen in the SYNC box where it states last sync and ect at the bottom it gave a red error message “Media: 7170 not complete process error”. I like the idea of the SYNC but I hope they find a fix for this soon.

By: Lindsay Tue, 25 Oct 2011 09:33:47 +0000 I have had great success at downloading my smaller Ancestry trees (AMT) with FMT 2012 + Tree Sync, including all the source images (like Census).
But my larger tree (5,020 people) has issues due to the large number of source images (>3,000) that FTM tries to download.
I am confused.
I can read above that “source media” is not synchronized. So why is it doing just that so perfecly for a smaller tree, but has a problem with a larger tree? (AMT to FTM)
Duff Wilson announced re FTM 2012 Beta 4, that “Media for Ancestry-attached records in online trees are now downloaded along with other tree media.” Do I correctly read that to mean “source media” WILL download (like Census images)?
Technical Support thus far takes the view “those media items (source images) should not be downloading at all – so we dont know how to respond to the failure you are experiencing.”
Perhaps there is a time or number limit that the download process will allow for source media ?

By: Ann Sun, 23 Oct 2011 19:26:07 +0000 I downloaded my Ancestry tree so that I could merge it with my FTM 2012 tree, but no media downloaded with it. The sources downloaded and I can click on them to view them, but I have over 1700 photos attached to my Ancestry tree that did not download. I don’t want to continue with the merge and TreeSync, if the photos won’t download, as it would appear that I will have to reconnect or upload all of the photos all over again. And it does not look like I can try to re-download my Ancestry tree. Is this right? Maybe I am missing something? Am I snycing the merged FTM tree with my original Ancestry tree and it won’t matter that the photos did not download?

By: Tom Plocinik Sun, 23 Oct 2011 16:33:49 +0000 Tena,

While everyone is commenting on the new SYNC feature, mostly positively, we hope that Ancestry does not forget that most of us serious genealogy people look for more. We look forward to the availability of many more data bases and increased efficiency in the FTM program. The annoying slowness after you hit the merge key in FTM 2012 is still there. When will that be worked on?

By: Andy Hatchett Sat, 22 Oct 2011 02:27:41 +0000 Delaney Re: #30

Ancestry is aware of the problem. There are postings all over the Ancestry Site Comments Board, The Ancestry Improvements Board, and the FTM MAC Beta Board.

To be quite blunt about it- the sync feature wasn’t ready forprime time when it was released and it seems that the same will be true when the feature is released in FTMM. It works great for small trees with few media files but for large file with lots of media…forget it!

By: aul Delaney Fri, 21 Oct 2011 23:32:31 +0000 Just bought FTM for first time (albeit mainly for the 6 month membership) and find using the website and program together the best way to enter and search for info however after several successful days I know get “The last sync failed. An error occurred while “Downloading data from Ancestry.” Please try again later.” when trying to sync (much like post #52 Becky on last blog post), anyone else had this and whats the best way to fix it? I can’t see any kind of log to check exactly whats wrong.

By: Andy Hatchett Fri, 21 Oct 2011 19:01:39 +0000 Spark Re:# 28

To the best of my knowledge you can sync all your on line trees on Ancestry to FTM2012.