Comments on: Family Tree Maker: How Do I Do That? (Part 2: Media) The official blog of Ancestry Thu, 02 Jul 2015 02:21:22 +0000 hourly 1 By: James R. Frysinger James R. Frysinger Sat, 31 Aug 2013 23:16:07 +0000 Some of the photos I used as individual portraits (in lieu of the icon) show white borders. What is the proper aspect size for these photos? What are the ideal horizontal and vertical dimensions in pixels? I cannot find this in the manual nor online.

By: Debbie Debbie Tue, 06 Jul 2010 01:46:44 +0000 Hi,
I recently had a computer crash. Thankfully I have a copy of all my Family files and media. I can’t put my folder with all my Media in the same location with my new operating system. I don’t want to use the “Manual” search option for all my media, as I have over 2200 media idems.
Is there a search or manual option for all media?

By: Laurice Johnson Laurice Johnson Tue, 29 Jun 2010 17:39:34 +0000 For Sonya,
Thank you very much. It worked just fine.

By: Sonya Sonya Tue, 29 Jun 2010 04:27:10 +0000 #1 – Laurice Johnson

This is my attempt at explaining how to do it, I apologise in advance if I’m not entirely clear.

Go to your grandmother’s page. The baby photo should be up the top as you mentioned.

The other photos you have uploaded for her should be in a line underneath a title: Media Gallery.
Left click once on the image you would like to change the primary picture to be.
A new page will load with the image on the left-hand side. The right-hand side there should be a box, with a green heading, titled ‘Tools’

In the ‘Tools’ box should be an option saying ‘Use As Primary Photo’ – left click once on that link.
A green bar will appear at the top of your page saying ‘This will be the primary photo for Janet Morton’

You are now set.

Click on the link up the top saying ‘Return to *grandmother’s name’
The primary photo you wanted should now be displayed at the top of your grandmother’s page.

I hope that helps, but let me know if I didn’t explain properly, etc.


By: James James Mon, 28 Jun 2010 22:33:26 +0000 When I have a file to import and want it in a “non-standard” media folder I select “Link to this file where it is (without copying it)” during the “Add New Media” operation.

If you move or rename a file, selecting the file will give an error and program asks you if you want to manually look for the image or let the program search for the image. I use the “Manual” search option and locate the file myself.


By: daztrue daztrue Mon, 28 Jun 2010 19:27:10 +0000 Renaming media files is fine, but you make no mention of relocating them – or even an option to set a default location to avoid use of the currently created Media sub-directories.

Currently, would relocation work by entering the new full path in the filename field?

By: Laurice Johnson Laurice Johnson Mon, 28 Jun 2010 17:04:47 +0000 Thank you for this information. NOW, in the ANCESTY trees, how do I change the primary photo displayed at the top of the person page? I have several photos attached to (for example) my grandmother and currently her baby photo is the one displayed. I would like to change it to another later photo of her. How do I do that? – in simple steps please for the tech-challenged person that I am.