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There is no native MAC version of FTM

You can run FTM on a Mac under Parallels and Windows or install the excellent Reunion Mac software.

There may be a native MAC version of FTM created one day, but currently there is no such product.

Those with long memories for FTM, will recall that about 20 years ago there was FTM 3 for the Mac.

John D

By: carisa carisa Thu, 06 Aug 2009 00:48:30 +0000 I recently bought a Mac /w Intel core OS 10.5 (will upgrade to Snow when available) to replace my PC. I bought the Mac knowing I could install Window, but doing everything I can to avoid. I checked a couple of week ago with your tech support and they thought that the FTM10 would be Mac compatible. Is this true? I’ve checked out Mac products and they just compare.

By: Mark Carroll Mark Carroll Wed, 05 Aug 2009 15:50:36 +0000 No. 71. If the record you’re trying to merge has attached media, the media has to fully load in the Search Result Detail before you can successfully complete the merge. This is annoying and completely frustrating because either (1) you have to click extra tabs every time in order to avoid a freeze or (2) you have to deal with the freeze by aborting the program if and when it happens.

There’s only one way to always avoid the problem. When the data comes up in Search Result Detail, look at the left-hand frame. You’ll see three tabs, the second of which is Media. Click on that. Sometimes the media will have already loaded; sometimes you’ll see the spinning circle. Wait until the spinning circle resolves into a media icon, then click Merge.

To be honest, this is so time-consuming that I only do it after a freeze. Many records will load the media promptly; after aborting from a freeze, though, I go the Media tab route on that record.

By: Lynn Lynn Wed, 05 Aug 2009 03:42:58 +0000 Michele and Duff,

Regarding # 70, I located the answers to my FTM/ questions in the FAQs on (sorry for the annoyance of asking questions that easily could be answered otherwise …).

But, I would still be very interested to know the answers to my other questions about FTM 2010 … if not know :( , ideally when you post the blog about the release of FTM 2010 :) .

1) Charts – has the option to “include empty branches” been returned to “180 Fan Chart” and other charts?

2) Improved organization – is there improved organizing/order of Source-Citations in the “Person” view and in reports (e.g., options other than source-citations solely being in the order of entry date)?

Thank you for the ongoing efforts to improve Family Tree Maker.

By: John Donaldson John Donaldson Wed, 05 Aug 2009 01:46:02 +0000 # 79 Cathy481

This is a blog not an email list

What email are you referring to?

Who was it sent to?

John D

By: John Donaldson John Donaldson Wed, 05 Aug 2009 01:43:33 +0000 Anne # 78

I doubt your tree has gone

If you are using FTM 2008 or FTM 2009 go into Start>Search and for files and folders search for all files with the name *.FTM

If you are using FTM 16 or earlier search for *.FTW

John D

By: Cathy481 Cathy481 Tue, 04 Aug 2009 23:40:07 +0000 Why does no one ever answer an e-mail?? It is so frusrating not to get an answer to an e-mail. How come ?

By: Cathy481 Cathy481 Tue, 04 Aug 2009 23:38:22 +0000 Why does no one ever answer an e-mail?? It is so frusrating not to get an answer to an e-mail.

By: Ann Ridgway Ann Ridgway Tue, 04 Aug 2009 19:36:14 +0000 What happened to my tree?
I had all of my Slinkard Family all filled in up to Churtz. I shut my computer down and the next day I go back and It’s all erased back to John Slinkard, My GGgrandmother’s father. I have to start over again filling in everything.

By: Kathy Marie Kathy Marie Tue, 04 Aug 2009 18:08:43 +0000 Michelle

This suggestion deals with the way source citations are shown on reports in FTM 2006 v16 versus the way they are shown in FTM 2009

In FTM 2006 a source citation consists of four parts:

1- Master Source: (This field shows the Master Source Name)
2- Citation Page: (This field shows a reference [if any] to the Citation Page, Box etc
3- Citation text: (This field shows the actual citation as typed by the user)
4- Footnote: (This field contains the total citation and includes the citation text if the user has checked the box to include the citation text in the footnote)

Note: I always check the box in item 4, since I feel this is the actual citation of the Source

Also Note: Nowhere in the FTM 2006 source citation information is there any reference to the Source Location (FTM 2006 Terminology) or the Repository Name (FTM 2009 Terminology)

In FTM 2009 the so called “Repository” has been inserted in between the Citation Page and the Citation Text. This repository information has just been stuck in the middle of the citation and set off by a leading comma and an ending comma.

I have been extra careful in creating my citations over the last seven or so years and have taken special care to ensure I have a well thought out citation sentence consisting of the Master Source, the Citation Page and the Citation Text.

All my carefulness has been “ruined” by the programmers just sticking the Repository information between the Citation Page and the Citation Text and off setting it by commas.

As a note I have over a thousand Master sources and approximately seven thousand source citations in my data base. I have not been able to find a way around this except to go in and delete every one of my thousand repository names, which would defeat the whole purpose of providing sources for my data. Needless to say this FTM 2009 methodology of documenting source citations is a large stumbling block and I will not be able to use FTM 2009/2010 if this situation remains.

I do have a suggestion for fixing this and it is a follows:

First, since users desire different ways of doing things the suggestion should be implemented as options that the user would check a box expressing their desire.

One place the options could be shown would be on the on the “Source-Citation Information” Pane

There could/would be three options:
Option A – Document Source Citations as done in FTM 2006
Option B – Document Source Citations as is presently done in FTM 2009
Option C – Include the Repository Name at the bottom of the Source Citation and include a led in/header such as “Repository: Followed by the repository name as presently shown in FTM 2009 inserted between the leading and ending commas

Michelle, please take a strong look at this suggestion and check a few source citations you might have in FTM 2006 and compare them to their counterpart in FTM 2009 —AND PLEASE PASS THIS SUGGESTION ALONG TO THE PROGRAMMERS – IT IS AN EASY FIX AND HOPEFULLY CAN BE MADE PRIOR TO RELEASE OF FTM 2010