Improved RSS on the message boards

Posted by jhodnett on January 30, 2009 in Site, Site Features

I just wanted to make a quick post to let everyone know that we’ve made some improvements to our RSS feed option on the message boards.  For those not familiar with RSS it stands for “Really Simple Syndication” and is essentially a standard way to get feeds or updates from a website (learn more on… Read more

Follow-up on some search questions from the webinar

There were some questions in the webinar that were search related that I didn’t have time to answer. I thought I pull out some of them and answer them here. 1. Does performing a general search not look in all data sets? If you perform a general search it will look in all 27,000 plus… Read more

State and Country Pages

The state and country pages are once again available.We replaced the database server that supports these pages with a bigger, better one. So we are reasonably confident that this will solve the problem in the short term.We are also rewriting pieces of this code so that it become more efficient. The main change to increase… Read more

Where is she? (and the latest news)

Posted by Michelle Pfister on January 27, 2009 in Family Tree Maker

It’s been too long! I’m sorry about the length of time since my last post. It’s been a particularly busy time, but that’s no excuse. My goal is to do a weekly post from now on, so you should hear from me on most Mondays.   I’ve really enjoyed hearing about the reasons why you do… Read more

Ancestry Member Trees Featured in the Family History: Genealogy Made Easy Podcast

Posted by on January 26, 2009 in Family Trees

Kenny Freestone, Trees Product Manager for, recently chatted about Ancestry Member Trees with Lisa Louise Cook on the “Family History: Genealogy “Made Easy” podcast. During the interview, Kenny offers his Top Five Tips for making the most of Ancestry Member Trees. You can listen to the podcast here.

U.S. Content Update: Chinese New Year Brings New Records

Posted by on January 23, 2009 in Content

With Chinese New Year coming on Monday, we’ve released several new or updated Chinese American databases: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Chinese Arrivals, 1900-1923 This database contains descriptive lists of Chinese seamen arriving at the port of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania between 1900 and 1923. Information recorded in these documents includes: name, date of arrival, ship name, and age. U.S.… Read more

Last night’s MyCanvas webinar

Posted by on January 22, 2009 in Site

Many thanks to the 2,100 members who participated in last night’s webinar about the MyCanvas publishing service. In case you missed the presentation, you can watch it at your leisure by visiting the archive. The program includes a step-by-step demonstration of how to create and customize a family history book. During the Q&A, we… Read more

Webinar next Tuesday: New Site Features Added to in 2008

Posted by Eric Shoup on January 21, 2009 in Site, Site Features

We frequently get questions from Ancestry users wanting to know what feature changes we have made recently.  In 2009, we are going to increase our communication via the blog to address this very question on an on-going basis.  To kick off the New Year right, we are holding a webinar next week to discuss key… Read more

Answers to some search questions

In a comment on one my earlier posts, Jerry Bryan had this to say: I wonder if we could prevail on Anne to give us an update on the big picture of New Search vs. Old Search, where she thinks it stands, what she thinks it would take to make New Search into a viable… Read more

If you’re still experiencing site errors…

Posted by jhodnett on January 16, 2009 in Site, Site Status

Though we had some server problems earlier this week, they were generally resolved by Tuesday, January 13th. We have seen some posts and emails from a few customers indicating that they are still experiencing problems, though. From everything we can see in our logs and reporting things should be stable on the site. If you are… Read more

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