What are your questions?

Posted by Michelle Pfister on September 22, 2008 in Family Tree Maker

Hi, We’re holding a webinar on Family Tree Maker 2009, and we’d like to answer as many questions as possible. Please post the questions you have regarding the new version. The webinar will be held on November 19, 2008 at 8:00pm Eastern. To attend the webinar, you must first register here. Thanks!

Returning the Favor

Posted by Jeanie Croasmun on September 19, 2008 in Ancestry Magazine

I grew up in a family that never volunteered for anything that didn’t have a paycheck attached to it. I always attributed this to the fact that my parents were children of the Depression, and any time or money they had to spare was to be saved—just in case. Now that I have a family… Read more

Ancestry Trees Service Will Be Down Tonight

Posted by Kenny Freestone on September 17, 2008 in Family Trees

  Starting at about 11:00 PM tonight (Mountain Daylight Time) our Tree Service will be down—we estimate this will last about 30 minutes. We’re doing this to accommodate the tremendous growth we’re experiencing. This tree service downtime will affect Member Trees, OneWorldTree, some portions of Ancestry Press, the sections of the Home Page that are… Read more

Tim Sullivan Talks About the World Archives Project with DearMYRTLE

Posted by on September 15, 2008 in World Archives Project CEO Tim Sullivan explains the new World Archives Project. In this podcast, Tim discusses how the project works and the many benefits available to individuals and societies that choose to get involved. Listen to the podcast on DearMYRTLE’s website here. (The segment with Tim begins 37 minutes into the podcast.)

What I learned at FGS 2008….

I think the first thing that I learned was that I may be a bit of a history geek. I snuck away from the festivities for a couple of hours and visited the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. Standing in the same room where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were partially crafted and… Read more

Why So Many Names?

Posted by Jeanie Croasmun on September 10, 2008 in Ancestry Magazine

One of my favorite parts of my job is finding history—actual, real, personal stories—in old records, even when that history doesn’t directly relate to me or my family. So while editing an article on hidden identities for the November/December issue of Ancestry Magazine, I decided to see if I could find examples of hidden identities in the records at In the article… Read more

Let’s talk about Family Tree Maker

Posted by Michelle Pfister on September 9, 2008 in Family Tree Maker

Hi everyone, I’m Michelle Pfister, a Senior Product Manager working on Family Tree Maker. I’m looking forward to joining the conversation and hearing your suggestions for Family Tree Maker 2009. Thanks for your active participation! First, let me give you an update. Some of our Family Tree Maker 2008 registrants have already received an email… Read more Announces the World Archives Project

Posted by on September 4, 2008 in Company News, World Archives Project today launched the World Archives Project, a global public indexing initiative designed to give individuals everywhere the opportunity to help preserve historical records. The Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) is the first organization to partner with during this beta phase of this new venture, enlisting genealogists and family history enthusiasts to help test… Read more

Learn About FTM 2009 in DearMYRTLE’s Podcast

Posted by on September 2, 2008 in Family Tree Maker

Duff Wilson, Product Manager for Family Tree Maker, talks about FTM 2009 in this week’s edition of DearMYRTLE’s Family History Hour genealogy podcast. Duff explains some of the exciting new features in this year’s version of FTM and when the software will be available. You can listen to the podcast on DearMYRTLE’s website here. (The segment with Duff… Read more

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