What We Are Reading: October 24th Edition

Posted by Amy Johnson Crow on October 24, 2014 in In The Community

Genealogy happy dances can be brought on by breaking through a brick wall. They can also happen when we find a little nugget of information – an insight, a story – that we weren’t expecting.

Many of the things we’ve been reading this week have been around those little stories, whether they were tales of ancestors or of ourselves. (And when it comes to the stories of ourselves, you are recording your own stories, right? If you’re stuck for some ideas, check out our Throwback Thursday topics for some inspiration.)

Here’s some of what we’ve been reading this week:

He Married the Girl Who Brought the Eggs,” by Brenda Joyce Jerome, on Western Kentucky Genealogy Blog. The story of this sweet romance was in the local newspaper. (Not only is it a tender tale, but it’s a good reminder that newspapers have more than obituaries!)

Glamour and Grieving: How the Victorians Dressed for Death,” by Allyssia Alleyne, on CNN Style. Be sure to click through the slideshow; the photos and their captions give insights into what our ancestors might have wore while grieving and why they felt obliged to wear it.

Broken Wings: Finding George Remus,” by Cheri Daniels, on Journeys Past. A bootlegger, prison time, a murdered wife (that didn’t have anything to do with the murdered wife), a lost fortune – is it any wonder the wings on his tombstone are missing?!

At Home in a Cemetery,” by MissPeggy (Peggy Lauritzen), on Always Anxiously Engaged. It’s a tale of two trips to a cemetery, a broken foot, and a snake. What could possibly go wrong?

Find-A-Grave Community Day 2014, Part 1: Fernwood Cemetery,” by Tim Graham, on Photo Restorations by Tim G. Tim took part in the Find A Grave Community Day on October 18. In this post, he shares some of the photos he took, memorials he created, and why he’s looking forward to the next meetup. (We’re looking forward to that, too!)

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