ABC’s of Commonly Used Nicknames (A-C)

Posted by Jessica Murray on March 31, 2015 in Site

Abc LetterIf you’ve spent a significant amount of time researching your family history, you’ve probably run into many of your ancestors referred to with a nickname in records, including censuses.

Being familiar with nicknames that your ancestor may have used could help you overcome that “brick wall.” It can also prevent the frustration of discovering that that “other” person is actually someone you’ve already identified in your tree.

Keep in mind that some nicknames may have been common in the region where your ancestor came from, and there are many nicknames not commonly-used today that were widely used by our ancestors.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be breaking down first names for men and women and offering some respective nicknames. Hopefully, this will be helpful to you as you come across variant names in your family history research,

A – Female 
AbigailNabby, Abby, Gail, Gubby
Adaline/AdelineAddy, Ada, Dell, Lena
AdelaideAdele, Addy, Della, Heidi
AdeleDell, Addy
AgnesAggy, Inez, Nessa
AileenAllie, Lena
AlbertaAllie, Bert, Bertie
AlexandraAlex, Alla, Sandy
AlfredaAlfy, Freda, Frieda, Freddy
AliceAllie, Elsie, Lisa
AmandaManda, Mandy
AmeliaEmily, Mel, Millie
Ann/AnneAnnie, Nan, Nana, Nanny, Nancy
Antoinette/AntoniaNette, Tony, Netta, Ann
Arabella/ArabelleAra, Arry, Belle, Bella
ArleneArly, Lena
ArmenaArry, Mena
ArmintaArry, Minta
Augusta/AugustinaAggy, Tina, Gatsy, Gussie, Tina
A – Male
AaronErin, Ron, Ronnie
AbelAb, Abe, Ed, Ebbie
Abraham, AbramAbe
AdamAd, Ade
AdelbertAd, Ade, Albert, Bert, Elbert
Adolph/AdolphusAd, Olph, Dolph
AlbertAl, Bert, Elbert
AldrichAl, Rich, Richie
AlexanderAl, Alex, Sandy
AlfredAl, Fred
AlonzoAl, Lon, Lonzo
AndersonAnder, Andy, Sonny
AndrewAndy, Drew
AugustAuggie, Gus
B – Female
BarbaraBab, Babs, Barby, Barbie, Bobbie
BeatriceBea, Trix, Trixie, Trisha
BelindaBelle, Linda
BerthaBirdie, Bert, Bertie
BethanyBeth, Theny
BridgetBiddie, Biddy, Bridie
B – Male
BarnabasBarney, Berney
BartholomewBart, Bartel, Bat, Mees
BenedictBen, Bennie
BenjaminBen, Benjy, Bennie
BernardBarney, Berney
BradfordBrad, Brady, Ford
BroderickBrady, Brody, Ricky
BronsonBron, Sonny
C – Female
CamilleCammie, Cammy, Millie
Carol/Caroline/CarolynCallie, Carol, Carrie, Cassie, Lynn, Caddie
CassandraCassie, Sandra, Sandy
Catherine/CathleenCassie, Cathy, Katie, Kay, Kit, Kittie, Kitty, Trina, Rina
CeciliaCelia, Cissy
CharlotteChar, Lotta, Lottie, Lotty
Christine/ChristinaChris, Crissy, Christy, Tina
ClarissaClara, Cissy
CordeliaCordy, Delia
CorneliaCorny, Nelle, Nelly
C – Male
CalvinCal, Vin, Vinny
CameronCam, Ron, Ronny
CedricCed, Rick
CharlesCarl, Charlie, Chick, Chuck
ChesterChes, Chess, Chet
Christopher/Chris/ChristianChris, Kit
ClarenceClair, Clare
CliffordCliff, Ford
CliftonCliff, Tony
CourtneyCourt, Curt
CorneliusCon, Conny, Neil

What common or uncommon nicknames have you found in your family history research?



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